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    MPA Chitral demands to take notice of repeated failure of Rescue-1122 in extinguishing fire in Chitral

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The MMA MPA from Chitral Maulana Hedayatur Rahman has demanded of the government to take notice of the repeated failure of Rescue-1122 in extinguishing fire in Chitral as its  fire fighting staff was not properly trained who even did not know to open the nozzle and connect the hose with the tanker.

    Flanked by the president of Tajjar Union Chitral ,Shabbir Ahmed Khan and others here on Tuesday, he said that he personally observed the incapacity of the staff  being an eye-witness to the outbreak of fire last night in Chew Bazaar of Chitral as a result of which five shops reduced to ashes.

    He said that the staff arrived at the site by half-an-hour late although the distance is hardly one kilometer from the fire spot and the water tank was empty which further the fire to full scale when water mixed air was directed at the fire.

    The MPA added that about 20 minutes were wasted by the fire fighters in connecting the hose pipes to the water tanker and start extinguishing work and it were the local volunteers who struggled hard to control the fire flames to spread to the nearby petrol pump that could have caused disaster on large scale.

    The traders union’s president Shabbir Ahmed Khan said that the previous government had recruited hundred non-local persons for Chitral’s office of Rescue-1122 who even did not know the locality of the affected place.

    He said that the Rescue-1122 staff had earlier gone to Atalique Bazaar and wasted a large time in reaching the fire spot and it was pity that not a single local person was selected for any post in the centre.

    He said that this was not the first incident of the failure of the rescue body (Rescue-1122) but it has never extinguished the fire timely and before the shops are reduced to ashes completely and inflicting a colossal loss on them.

    He has demanded of the chief minister to provide full compensation to the affected shop keepers of Chew Bazaar whose shops were gutted due to the negligence and incapacity of the government.


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