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    Lowah – A Khowar Pastoral Ode

    Introduction and English Subtitles by Zahoor ul Haq Danish

    Throughout the mountainous realms of northern Pakistan, a timeless occupation has provided sustenance to the Dardic communities for generations untold. Within Chitral, Gilgit Baltistan, Kalam, and Bahrain, an unwavering passion for goat-herding and sheepherding has taken root, intertwining with their very cultural essence. These traditions, etched into the fabric of their existence, have birthed enchanting rituals and melodic tales that echo through the ages. Passed down through oral traditions, their folk literature illuminates the captivating heritage that now teeters on the precipice of obscurity, threatened by the encroachment of modernity and its mechanized allure. Amongst the tapestry of Khowar language, there exists a sacred pastoral ode known as “Lowah.” Drawn from the heritage of herding and pastoral practices, once the lifeblood of mountain communities, it stands as a testament to their ancestral bond.

    The word “Lowah” captures the spirit of a goat’s carefree descent (wallowing), when its belly is satiated from the bountiful highland grazing, and it purposefully ambles down the earthen driftway towards the humble abode of its master. As twilight paints the sky with a golden hue, a village congregates at the foot of the driftway, known as Niroon, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their cherished goats, guided by the skilled goatherds. This unique melody celebrates not only the milk-bestowing nanny goat, traversing the soily path with utmost grace, but also honors the young goatherd who tends to the village’s beloved flock. Within the harmonies, the spirit of a way of life thrives, an ode to an era where man and beast were intricately entwined in a dance of mutual reliance and reverence. Let this song serve as a poignant reminder, a testament to the beauty and fragility of a tradition that holds the keys to a collective past, a resplendent melody from the heart of the mountains. The centuries-old pastoral song has been revived and preserved in the melodious voice of none other than our legendary artist Mansoor Ali Shabab.

    Lowah - A Khowar Pastoral Ode - Chitral Times

    Many thanks to Muhammad Ali and the people of Chapari for helping us with making the video.

    We have received immense support from Dr. @Ramzan Ali in bringing this song to the mainstream media.


    Singer: Mansoor Shabab
    Origin: Khowar Folksong
    Rearranged by: Irfan Ali Taj/ Mubashir Adnan
    Production: Mansoor Ali Shabab
    Mixed/Mastered: Mubashir Admani
    Recorded at: Bonafide studios Karachi
    Sitar: Rahim Ullah Danish
    Rabab: Irfan Ali Taj Vocals: Mansoor Ali Shabab Backing
    Vocals: Irfan Ali Taj English Subtitles: Zahoor ul Haq Danish
    Sponsored by: Dr. Ramzan Ali and

    Article is copied from YouTube video.


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