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    Lock down-like situation persists in Chitral to check the proliferation of the deadly coronavirus.

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: Lock down-like situation persists both in lower and upper districts of Chitral where entry points into the district through Lowari tunnel and Shandur Pass have been closed for public transport while the borders of Arandu, Arsoon and Shah Sadim have already been closed.

    Deputy commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmed told Chitral Times that the 60 vehicles carrying 241 passengers were sent back from Lowari tunnel while on Wednesday 180 persons travelling in 22 vehicles had been refused entry into the district through the tunnel.

    He said that all the passengers vehicles have been banned to enter Chitral while only the vehicles loaded with food items and medicines will be allowed during the coming one month while entry into the Lower Chitral from Upper Chitral district was also being planned by him shortly.

    He said that six local persons had been put in quarantine in Ashrait, the first village of the district after entering the tunnel where they will be kept for fourteen days.

    He said that every effort was being taken to discourage the people to leave their homes and assemble in the bazaars and other places of community gathering to check the proliferation of the deadly coronavirus.

    He said that public transport inside the district has also been closed for one month so that people remain confined to their homes during the period.

    The DC of Upper Chitral district Shah Saud told Chitral Times that similar measures of Lower Chitral district were being taken in Upper Chitral where Shandur Pass was being sealed for the entry of passengers coming from Gilgit-Baltistan who crossed it on feet by walking for five hours.

    Meanwhile, the Nauroze festival celebrated every year on 21st March in the Isamili-dominated valley of Lot Koh in lower Chitral and Biyar in Upper Chitral had been cancelled due to the situation persistent caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

    The president of Ismaili Regional Council Dr. Riaz Hussain told Chitral Times that the festival was of prime importance which had religious and cultural significance and it coincided the first day of the Iranian calendar but it was cancelled as precautionary measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.

    He said that the celebrations caused the assemblage of large number of people and there was every possibility of its turning dangerous.

    The Chitral city wore a deserted look here on Friday as most of the markets remained closed while attendance in the government and non-governmental offices remained very thin and the volume of vehicular traffic on the roads was also registered as low.


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