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    KP Women Commission, Frontier Women University launch 16 days campaign against gender based violence 

    KP Women Commission, Frontier Women University launch 16 days campaign against gender based violence 

    PESHAWAR (APP): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of Women in collaboration of Frontier College for Women & University officially launched the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign.

    The campaign will take place from November 25 to December 10 aims to raise awareness about gender-based violence and highlight the efforts of the Commission to address this issue.

    This year, the commission launched its campaign from Frontier College for Women & University on November 27, 2023, says a press release. 

    The theme for this year’s campaign is “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls,” which emphasizes the urgent need for collective action and investment in prevention strategies.

    The campaign launch event witnessed the presence of esteemed government officials and representatives from various NGOs who came together to support this vital cause. 

    The event marked the beginning of a series of educational programs and workshops organized by the KPCSW. These initiatives aim to promote understanding and empathy, address the root causes of gender-based violence, and foster a culture of respect and equality.

    In addition to these educational programs, KPCSW will collaborate with local communities to organize events, seminars, and outreach programs throughout the 16-day campaign. 

    These initiatives aim to create a sense of unity and collective responsibility in the fight against gender-based violence, ensuring that everyone plays an active role in promoting safer and more equitable communities.

    The Secretary KP women commission Ms. Robin Haider Bokhari in her opening remarks, said that the theme of the of this year aligned with the mandate of the commission, as her organization is working to eliminate the violence against women and girls through, making investment in awareness, raising training of government, officials, and community members undertaking advocacy with policy makers and proposing, new laws and policies in the province. 

    The principal of Frontier college for women professor Roshan Zohra said that she greatly welcomes the commission on the status of women’s collaboration with the Frontier college, and we are honored that the launching is taking place in our college.

     She said it was very important for young girls and young women, to be aware of their rights and the institutions that are supporting to provide services for women, empowerment and elimination of wireless against women.


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