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    Indian forces’ war crimes, HR abuses make life nightmare for oppressed Kashmiris

    Indian forces’ war crimes, HR abuses make life nightmare for oppressed Kashmiris

    Chitral Times Report

    PESHAWAR : The life in Indian Illegally Occupied Jummu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K) has become a nightmare for the oppressed Kashmiris, who were passing through endless human rights abuses including forced abduction, sexual violence against women and children besides state-terrorism by the Indian occupied forces since 1947.

    Breaking all records of atrocities, extra judicial killings and war crimes, the Indian occupational forces have intensified state terrorism in IIOJ&K after completion of almost three-years of abolishment of its special status in a bid to suppress the legitimate freedom movement of Kashmiris but completely failed.

     “The Indian occupational forces’ war crimes, state terrorism and human rights abuses had made life a nightmare for over one million oppressed Kashmiris especially women, children and senior citizens in IIOJ&K where life had become a nightmare after abolishment of its special status on August 5, 2019,” Muhammad Hussain Khateeb, Member All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC Gillani Group) said on Wednesday.

    Condemning the August 5, 2019 illegal acts of the fascist Modi regime, APHC leader told APP that the Kashmiris had been faced with an unending ordeal of state terrorism, mental agony, and trauma due to frequent abductions of youth, rape of women and molestation of children besides illegal detentions at the hands of Indian occupied forces on the pretext of cordons and search operations in IIOJ&K.

    He said over nine lakh Indian occupational forces had unleashed a reign of terror and jailed senior Kashmiri leadership in fake cases besides deprived Kashmiris of all constitutional rights and liberties.

    Praising the courage and steadfastness of the great Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, who were handed down life term imprisonment by the Indian court, the APHC leader said that freedom movement in the held valley could not be stopped through such illegal actions.

    “Thousands of innocent Kashmiris were extra- judiciary killed including great freedom fighter Burran Wani Shaheed in ‘fake encounters’ in IIOJK where collective punishments were imposed. The last rituals including mass funeral of the great Kashmiri leader, Ali Gilani were not allowed, thus exposing India’s tyranny and disregards for minorities.”

    He said clampdown on media, internet and suppression of peaceful protests besides abduction and torture of young Kashmiris continued in the held valley where people were confined at homes ahead of the Kashmir Exploitation Day.

    APHC leader said India had imposed military siege on some 10 million Kashmiris in IIOJK where over 900,000 Indian forces were deployed with no regards for human rights.

    “The Indian forces were using sexual violence, rape and molestation against women and children besides collective punishment as weapon of war in a bid to suppress the legitimate freedom movement in the held valley,” he said.

    Since 1989, he said more than 162,000 Kashmiris had been subjected to inhuman torture by Indian occupational forces, which include stripping naked, beatings with iron rods, heavy roller treatment, electrocution, hanging from ceiling, burning of the body with iron rods, solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, sexualized torture including rape, molestation and sodomy.

    While citing reports, he said over 100,000 Kashmiris had been killed by Indian forces since 1989 while more than 7,200 people murdered in custody of Indian army. Nearly 11,000 women were raped by Indian soldiers and over 110,000 children orphaned and about 23,000 women were made widows by the Indian army.

    Besides these grave human rights abuses and Indian forces’ direct involvement in war crimes, he said the forced disappearances of thousands of Kashmiris from occupied territory were serious nature human rights cases and the world should take serious notice of it immediately.

    The APHC leader said India was reluctant to carry out a forensic investigation of over 7,000 unmarked mass graves in IIOJ&K and demanded UN an international human rights bodies to take notice of it.

     He said Kashmirs on both sides of the line of control were all set to observe August 5 as Kashmir Exploitation Day to express solidarity with the oppressed people of IIOJK.

    Former Ambassador Manzoorul Haq said following abrogation of Article 370 by the Modi fascist Government, the legal paradigms of IIOJK were changed and now any Indian national can purchase lands in the held valley.

    He said IIOJK was divided in Jummu & Kashmir and Ladakh territories, which was tantamount to change its demography and convert Kashmiris into minorities.

    Ambassador Manzoor said the Kashmir dispute was an unfinished agenda of the subcontinent partition plan and it was the responsibility of the UN Security Council (UNSC) to implement its resolutions on Kashmir.

    He said Modi government went against several UNSC resolutions after abolishing of the special status of IIOJ&K that was also against the Indian constitution and Geneva convention.

    “Modi Gov’t fascist policies have put peace of the entire region in jeopardy as a fifth war on Kashmir between the two nuclear countries may prove disastrous for the entire region.”

    Manzoor said India was using its media as a propaganda tool to divert attention of the international community from gross human rights abuses and Indian forces’ war crimes including use of pellet guns against innocent Kashmiris.

    He urged the international community to think beyond their trade and business interests and put pressure on India to give the right of self- determination to the oppressed Kashmiris as promised to them by the UN through several passed resolutions.

    They demanded of the international community to investigate the mass graves, forced disappearances of Kashmiris and use of pellet guns being perpetrated with complete freedom by Indian occupational forces and implement UNSC resolutions on Kashmir like of East Timor imperative for lasting peace in South Asia.(APP)


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