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    Government statement on availability of Petrol across the country

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: It has been observed that a section of the media is continuously attributing the present petrol crisis to an import ban imposed by the Government on 25th March, 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown. This is neither factually true nor an accurate representation of the facts that have led to the present situation. The decision was taken to curtail Oil imports keeping in view the evolving situation to manage the supply chain in wake of drastic drop in demand, while preserving local production of oil and gas from fields producing local crude. The decision to curtail imports was lifted on 24th of April. It must be also be known that during this curtailment period i.e (25th March 2020-24th April 2020) 6 ships of Motor Gasoline and 2 ships of crude oil were allowed based on the requirements and demand of various OMCS and refineries. The effect of this curtailment, if any, would have shown in the early to mid-May given the sailing time of only 3-4 days from the Gulf region. Thus, this negates the perception of any disruption in the supply chain for the month of June 2020 was created by oil import curtailment in March/April 2020. The enforcement teams from Petroleum Division, OGRA, Local Government and Law Enforcement Authorities are stepping up raids, in addition to inspection of depots of OMCs; they are also investigating reports of illegal storages by others. The Government has made it categorically clear that such action will be dealt strictly shall neither go unpunished nor shall it be tolerated further. As for OMC licensed pumps that were dry, more than half have been restored and balance are expected to be restored by tomorrow (Saturday). It is yet again reiterated in unqualified terms that any malpractices shall be identified, dealt with according to law and will be punished accordingly. Petroleum Division is also maintaining constant vigilance over the situation and is in touch with the team on the ground and taking decisions accordingly. We urge the public at large and petrol dealers to not engage in panic buying of petrol.


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