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    Government decisions should be based on science………..Irfan Jamil

    Politicians are not listening to the health experts, scientists, and other sound minds across the globe. That is why, they did mistakes in the initial stage of corona and borders remained opened for peoples coming from beyond the borders, and hence it entered. Whatsoever, it happened; government did well by announcing lock down throughout the country. Now is a time to eliminate this virus, it can be eliminated by further locking down and further forcing public to stay home, as this is one and only cure and all other explanations are wrong. This is just struggling for survival and a time to stop struggling for wealth. Everyone knows corona is spreading, each day new cases are greater than the previous one, by lockdown we decelerate the pace, we have not eliminated it from the root……So we need not to come out soon. We should make lockdown tough, at least for 20 days more from now…

    We once, claimed that we have eliminated polio from this country, and are still spending on it. It doesn’t matter if we struggle now using full resources, energy and time. We can be soon corona free country, if we further locked down and took it very seriously.

    With an announcement of Government to loosen restrictions on some industries across the country, people started to move towards their business. Decision was taken at the moment when the total number of casualties rose to 1,29,000 worldwide and the death rate is also increasing in my beloved land. In my room no one is agree with me when I said this decision is destructive for both economy and life, however, I have different perspective regarding the word pandemic. A few moment later Muneeb ur Rehman and other religious scholars questioned on impartial lockdown.

    We need assurance; at least government should make each and every decision clear that they are taking decisions based on science (the reality), of course, announcement of success against corona will be appreciated and we want nothing more than daily announcement of efforts, success and appreciation. One policy is necessary for the whole country and regional politics should be avoided. It hurts public when politicians are using the word corona for politics. It also hurts when you see mistakes one after another. Non seriousness with the word pandemic may cause devastation.

    It should be taken as struggle for survival.

    Medical billing Executive
    Bahria town Rawalpindi


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