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    Flash flood washed away 27th houses in Osiak village of Drosh

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: Flash flood as a result of torrential rains washed away twenty seven houses in Osiak village of Drosh town early in the morning of Eidul Az’ha while the villagers made good their escape on being informed of the advent of flood due to which no loss of life occurred.

    The villagers said that after half-an-hour the raining started, they got announcement from the mega phones to haste to the adjacent village and they rushed to the place leaving behind all household items and the cattle.

    “We escaped a hair’s breadth as the village was hit by the flood seconds after we left it and the village had been filled with mud, pebbles and boulders when we looked back at the village but we were contented for no loss of life”, said Azhar Ali, one of the villagers.

    “Every one was running away from the village with a child on his or her back and some were so in haste that they had no time to wear shoes and were bare-footed”, he said adding that the villagers were busy in making preparations for the Eid and they were not destined to wear the new clothes and shoes meant for the occasion.

    The people rendered homeless by the flood passed their nights under open sky for two days when tents were provided to them by the district administration along with kitchenware and food items while the nearby villagers provided them with cooked foods.

    The flood has also made drinking water a commodity beyond their reach as the water supply scheme had been washed away along with the road making the transportation of relief items an arduous task.

    Commissioner of Malakand Division, Syed Zaheerul Islam Shah, additional DC Minhasuddin visited the affected village on Friday and distributed both food and non-food items including shelter among the affected people.

    The commissioner told that affected people that the compensation will be paid to them as per government policy in the shortest possible time so that their sufferings are allayed.

    Earlier, the MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali and MPA Maulana Hedayatullah visited the village soon after the occurrence and contributed Rs. 1.5 lakh from their own pockets for providing food to the affected.

    Meanwhile, the executive engineer of C&W Division Chitral, Maqbul Azam told Chitral Times that the road has been opened for vehicular traffic after hectic efforts of 30 hours by employing heavy machinery that continued incessantly.

    He said that due to the opening of the road, the water supply scheme has also been restored to the village.

    The villagers have praised the efficiency of Chitral Police personnel for rushing to the village soon after the flood hit the village and took active part in rescue operation.


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