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    Fire erupted near Chitral Gol National Park

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The fire erupted near Chitral Gol National Park was extinguished before it reached the park area here on Tuesday afternoon which has a rich population of deodar and oak trees in its core zone known for its high density of kashmir markhor.

    An official of Chitral Gol National Park wildlife division told Chitral Times  that some Ravenna grass shrubs caught fire in the locality known as Khaman Kuru near Thingshen village in the vicinity of the park and started spreading due to the high speed of wind blowing at the time.

    More than 15 personnel of the national park rushed to the spot and brought it under control after hectic efforts of one hour while the affected area is estimated at 100 to 120 square feet covered by Ravenna grass whose dried leaves are known for ignition even with slight heat.

    Regarding the cause of the fire, he said that exact reason is yet to be ascertained but as per preliminary investigations, it transpired that some of the villagers going on picnic to the park must have thrown a burning match stick into it after lighting cigarette or have thrown a piece of cigarette without completely extinguishing it.

    He said that in the summer season, the local young men usually go to the core zone of the park on picnic and returned after passing nights there while the wildlife tend to go to the higher altitude of the park which is more congenial for them than the lower parts of the park.


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