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    Federal Minister for Postal Services inaugurated the the Pakistan Post Mobile App for Services

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Postal Services, Mr. Murad saeed, inaugurated the Pakistan Post Mobile App for Services featuring Complaint handling, Real time track and trace, E-commerce Delivery, Parcel Collect, Complaints, Tariff, Post Office Locations, Post codes and Information about Postal Services. The Minister is committed to take complaints seriously for improvement of quality and service and improve performance of the Organization. He has a clear vision to change Pakistan Post viz the ever changing contemporary requirements. Federal Minister apprised about the strength of Pakistan Post with its accessibility, foot prints and more than a century old legacy and credibility. Our postman is visiting at almost every household of the country including areas beyond anyone’s reach. Mr. Murad Saeed also announced a pilot project for microfinance loan disbursement of Khushhali Bank through Pakistan Post. He briefed about future initiatives of Pakistan Post which would be compatible with the contemporary needs of existing times. This would include an entry into the E-commerce business. Pakistan Post has the capacity and commitment to deliver for online vendors for their cash on delivery products with proof of delivery and prompt reconciliation of their payments. Many international web portal operators have shown their interest to enter into the Pakistani market with Pakistan Post as their delivery partner. Apart from the business, Pakistan Post is expecting technology transfer and HR development from them. Pakistan Post is also targeting the parcel export market worth $ 4 Billion which is catered by local and international Private couriers at very high rates. Pakistan Post has made necessary arrangements to target this market with a commitment to deliver internationally in 72 hours. The project shall be piloted by the first week of January, 2019 and shall formally be inaugurated by the 14th/15th of January. Pakistan Post is also entering into the logistic market of Pakistan which at present is worth $34.2 Billion dollars and growing at a rate of more than 18% per annum. Pakistan Post is expecting upto $2.5billion FDI on Public Private partnership model for the capacity building of Pakistan Post in the logistic sector. The revenue share of Pakistan Post in this endeavor is expected up to rupees 100 billion per annum whereas the current loss of Pakistan Post is at Rupees 11 billion. The Minister also has a vision of targeting the domestic money transfer market which was primarily the legacy of Pakistan Post as Money Order delivery but ironically was captured by private entrepreneurs. He envisages to bring technology and investment in this market and is working to have a bigger share for Pakistan Post for the electronic Money transfer Market. At present, the market stands at 80 billion and Pakistan Post only has 1 percent of the market share. The Federal Minister Mr. Murad Saeed insisted that he is committed to improving quality and services while acknowledging the fact that tremendous business opportunities exists in the market. Once Pakistan Post establishes its credibly, Pakistan Post shall be converted into a profitable organization contributing significantly to the National economy of Pakistan.


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