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    Digital record of famous programs of Radio Pakistan damaged in May 10 attack

    Digital record of famous programs of Radio Pakistan damaged in May 10 attack

    Chitral Times Report

    PESHAWAR (APP): Besides ransacking and putting on fire of the Radio Pakistan’s historic building, the violent mob also damaged digital record of its popular programs of 1980 after damaging its computers and electronic equipment.

    Habibun Nabi, Program Manager, Radio Pakistan Peshawar told APP on Thursday that the digital record of famous programs including Hujra and Hindara, which played key role in nullifying the propaganda of the anti state elements during Afghans War in 1979 were burnt to ashes by the miscreants on May 10.

    Through Hujra and Hindara programs, he said that Radio Pakistan, Peshawar had spread awareness among masses after USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and effectively countered the nefarious propoganda of the anti state elements during that time of uncertainty.

    He said the renowned brocasters, Abdullah Jan Maghmoom and Shehzad Johar whom acted in ‘Paynda Khan and Towakal Khan’ roles in live shows, have highlighted different aspects of the Afghans war and its negative impact on the region’s peace and stability besides Pakistan’s foreign policy in effective way.

    “Intially, the Hujra program was based on social issues . However, when the negative propaganda of the enemy forces against Pakistan was increased, it was the Radio Pakistan that came forward for help of the nation. The national broadcaster has not only countered the opponents’ malacious propganda but also highlighted the true picture of Afghans War and its adverse consquences on the regional peace and stability.”

    Started in 1980, the Hunjra program have also heighlighted the diffiulties of millions of afghans refugees after their migration to Pakistan.

    “Radio Pakistan was the only credible source of information listened by millions of people during that time of uncertainty. The national broadcaster had provided timely and accurate information to the listeners in its news operations in different languages including English, Urdu and Pashto besides others regional languages, and that people waited for its bulletins,  current  affairs and dramas for hours due to its credibility and infotainment,” said Misal Khan, 85 a retired Inforamtion Officer while talking to APP.

    “During Afghans war, malacious propganda was made from Radio Kabul and All India Radio against Pakistan. It was Radio Pakistan that has not only effectivelly countered the negative propaganda of the rival radios but also promoted unity and national cohesion,” he recalled.

    He said millions of people listened the Radio Pakistan’s famous Hindara program in 1980s due to its excellent scripts, content, objectivity and dialogue delivery during Afghans War. The comparing of Inayatulllah Gul and Taj Nabi was very impressive that kept listeners intact till conclusion of Hindara,” he said.

    Habibun Nabi said that Hindhara program was still being broadcasted from Radio Pakistan and its signature tune take listners to the past glory of the Radio Pakistan Station, Peshawar.

    He said the digital record of Radio Paksitan’s literary program i.e peoples magazine’ with rare voices of eminenet writers Qalandar Mohmand, Ghazi Sial, Ajmal Khattak, Samandar Khan Samandar and Ghazi Sial was also damaged.

    He said recording of some famous programs like Saiban, Human Youth, Sokhi Ghar and features/documentary was affecetd after the attack and our teams were busy to restore the process for its tranmission on national network.

    He said popular Pashto and Urdu songs of the renowned musicians and singers besides handwritten dramas scripts of famous writers were also set on fire.    

    The disks of Pashto and Urdu songs sung by renowned singers Ahmad Khan, Khyal Muhammad, Mashooq Sultan and Rafique Shinwari were also damaged.

    The original rare handwritten Pashto and Urdu dramas’ scripts authored by famous writers Hamaza Khan Shinwari, Dr Muhammad Azam Azam, Younas Qayasi, , Arbab Abdul Wakeel, Hamayun Huma, Sahir Afridi, Begium AR Daud, Zaitoon Bannu and Syed Rasool Rasa were destroyed. The scripts of hundreds of rare dramas along with catalogs and books on different topics were also put on fire by violent mobs.

    He said around 1500-2000 historic books were set ablaze besides torching of literary books of the renowned Sufi Poet Rehman Baba and freedom fighter Khushal Khan Khattak.

    The rare picture of renowned broadcasters, Abdul Jan Magmoom and Aftab Ahmed, who announced Pakistan’s independence day at midnight of August 13-14, 1947 in Pashto and Urdu besides Qari Muhammad, who recited Holy Quran respectively, was no more.

    The national broadcaster started its transmission from a room at civil secretariat Peshawar in 1935 after the first radio transmitter gifted by Radio inventor Markoni  to Sir Shabzada Abdul Qayyum Khan during the latter London was installed here.

    Later, Radio Pakistan was shifted to the old Radio Pakistan’s building (now Supreme Court registry) on Khyber Road in 1942. Later, it was shifted to the existing building after it was inaugurated by the former President General Zaiul Haq in 1985.

    Javed Babar, pride of performance in performing arts told APP that Radio Pakistan is the custodian of our cultural heritage and attack on this historic building was tantamount an assault on our national heritage, culture, dramas and music.

    He said Radio Pakistan was the voice of the nation and demanded for its immediate reconstruction in its original shape.

    Ejaz Khan, Station Director, Radio Pakistan Peshawar said that resuming of transmissions of Radio Pakistan Peshawar within hours after the attack showed the hard work, dedication and professional commitment of its officers and employees besides have passed a strong message that the national broadcaster’s voice could not be silenced through such terror incidents.

    He said the transmissions were resumed from four transmission lines including 1260 Khz, 24 hours from FM 101, Soratul Quran and News- Current Affairs within few hours on emergency basis after the attack.

    The burnt building of Radio Pakistan has been opened for general public, students and youth to show the scale of devastation and would continue to open for the public till upcoming Friday.

    The students and civil society are coming to the Radio Pakistan’s building and condemning the attack.


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