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    D-8 High-level expert meeting for sustainable Agro-Industry development hedl

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    ISLAMABAD: The D-8 High-Level Experts Meeting under the theme of “Sustainable Agro-industry development and smallholder farmer integration in the global value chains: Key issues for D-8 Member States” was held on 15th and 16th of December 2020 virtually. It was hosted by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The High-level Experts of relevant authorities of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Arab Republic of Egypt, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Turkey attended the meeting. In the meeting, Innovative policies, public goods, public institution and services were discussed along with Financing and risk management mechanisms while discussing Public-private partnership approaches. The High-Level Officials and Experts from the Ministries of the Agriculture of the Member States and Private Sector representatives deliberated on this agenda item and shared their Countries experiences and urged Member States to work closely in order to achieve the desired targets. Taking into account more than one billion people living within D-8 Member States are facing chronic challenges on Supply Chain and global food production and food price volatility, Reiterating the need to boost agricultural yield to get enhanced production and adequate availability of food via facilitating agricultural production-oriented technical research and innovation in D-8 Member States was considered vital. Considering adequate nutrition is a vital requirement for human health, development and productivity, the governments and stakeholders in D-8 Member States were encouraged to promote AKST (Agriculture Knowledge Science and Technology), Nutrition Standards and strategies along with relevant investments including agricultural infrastructure and well-functioning markets. Identifying the need for better cooperation through adoption, utilization, expansion and transfer of agricultural technologies among D-8 Member States on mutually agreed terms by developing policies and supporting measures was deliberated upon.Strengthening the dialogue and facilitate sharing of experiences amongst the D-8 Member States and between Member States and UN system organizations such as FAO, the IsDB, and the private sector on concrete actions needed to support sustainable agro-industrialization and smallholder integration in global value chains was talked about.The Ministers of Agriculture/Live Stocks/Rural Development and the Head of Delegations agreed upon Appreciating the establishment of the D-8 Research Centre for Agriculture and Food Security situated in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We appreciate and acknowledge the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for providing the excellent facilities and infrastructure for joint research on this very important sectoral track of cooperation of the Member States. We call on the Ministries responsible for Agriculture and Food Security and other relevant authorities and institutions to embark on joint research programmes by utilizing the facilities available and develop policies that promote partnerships and collective benefits and trade opportunities as well as ensure food security for our citizens. Promotion of Agribusiness and Global Value Chains in the D-8 Member States, establishment of the D-8 Agriculture Global Value Chain (GVC) Center of Excellence (for Standardization), Boosting trade and investment in agricultural sector through participation in exhibitions, trade fairs and investment forums. The D-8 Member States were encouraged to host important international agricultural fairs and exhibitions, such as the exhibition of agricultural investment projects and agribusiness forum, Carrying out agricultural human resources sharing in a variety of forms, including establishing research and development centres and joint laboratories, creating cooperation platforms, implementing joint research projects, organizing exchange visits and adopting joint post-graduate programs, through expertise of every D-8 member States in agricultural research will be utilize to facilitate technical exchange and develop human resources that excel in modern agricultural technologies were deemed essential. sharing of information concerning common problems faced by D-8 Member States in agricultural development; the establishment of information sharing mechanism to exchange basic agricultural data on a regular basis; the construction of an agricultural information and digital agriculture platform; and the gradual enrichment and improvement of the food security information system based on transparent principles is of utmost importance. The Ministers and Head of Delegations conveyed their words of appreciation to His Excellency Syed Fakhar Imam, Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for adroitly steering the deliberations of the Meeting and expressed their high appreciation to the Government of Pakistan for an excellent arrangement of organizing the meeting. The Meeting also appreciated the Secretariat for its valuable support rendered to the event. The meeting considered the Draft of Islamabad Initiatives and agreed to share their comments and views to the Secretariat in order to finalize it for submission to the Sixth D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Food Security for its adoption. The delegates thanked the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, especially the Ministry of National Food Security and Research of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Secretariat for the excellent organization of the meeting. They also thanked the Chairman of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council for competent Chairing and contribution which lead to fruitful discussion and success of the meeting.


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