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    Chitral Times Report

    ISLAMABAD: The caretaker Minister for Climate change Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf called on meeting of officials of Ministry of Climate Change at Ministry of Education to brief him about the working of Ministry. The care Taker Minister for Climate Change Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf said during the meeting that climate change is an important subject like education, health and law. He further said we need to make progress in very short time on this issue. Federal Secretary for Climate Change Khizer Hayat briefed the caretaker minister about the working and important subjects of the Ministry .He told the Minister that major functions of the Ministry are to make national policies, plans, strategies and programs with regards to environmental protection, preservation, pollution, ecology, forestry, wildlife, biodiversity, climate change and desertification. It also coordinates, monitor and implement environmental agreements with other countries, international agencies and forums. He also apprised the caretaker minister about the working of each wing and attached department. He further explained the international Conventions, treaties and agreements which ministry deals. He also highlighted some achievements of Ministry of Climate Change that included Pakistan Climate Change Authority Act, Green Pakistan Program, Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF II) project, conference on Sanitation, daily monitoring of Air Quality of Islamabad. He also briefed about the challenges faced by Ministry of Climate Change like lack of national political ownership for tackling the issue of climate change and problems of implementation of national policies, plans in provinces after 18th amendment. The way forward suggested by federal Secretary included establishing climate change council, making climate change authority functional, making efforts for getting projects funded by Green Climate Fund and research on climate change impacts on agriculture, forestry, food security and water. The Caretaker Minister was also given a suggestion to rename ministry to fully explain its domain and working. The caretaker Minister appreciated the efforts of officers of Ministry of Climate Change and suggested to give detailed briefing on working of each wing and department separately. He also asked to arrange a visit to Gilgit Baltistan to see the groundwork on Glacier Lake outbursts Flood Project. The meeting was attended by Federal Secretary, additional secretary, Inspector General Forest, Director General Environment Protection Agency, Director General Environment and Joint Secretary Admin and Public Relations Officer.


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