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    Accused in triple murder case confessed to his crime before the Court in Chitral

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The main accused in the triple murder case in which a young man from Garam Chashma and his pregnant wife were murdered confessed to his crime before the court and divulged that he had been hired by the relatives of the girl to kill the two.

    An official of Chitral police station told Chitral Times  that the accused Attaur Rahman of Sheringal Upper Dir was sent to jail by the court after recording his confessional statement while the court did not extend the remand of the three other accused including   Khurshid, Hamza and Hujjaj of Dir Kohistan to jail who were in the police custody for the last three days.

    He said that the accused Attaur Rahman confessed to be a hired assassin with whom the relatives of the assassinated girl Tasleema had struck a deal to pay him of Rs. 1.5 million out of which he had got Rs. 300, 000 in advance for killing Waqar Ahmed and his wife who had married against their will.

    The couple had been a week ago near Chitral city near Shali village on Garam Chashma road by the accused who had started living in their neighborhood and had became intimate with them.


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