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    No justification of protests in AJK after acceptance of demands, approval of Rs23bn mega package of PM: Experts

    No justification of protests in AJK after acceptance of demands, approval of Rs23bn mega package of PM: Experts

    PESHAWAR(APP): Political experts here Tuesday said that no justification has been left with the protestors of Awami Action Committee (AAC) to carry out demonstrations and give wheel jam strike call in Azad Jummu and Kashmir (AJK) after all its demands were accepted by the AJK government besides approval of a mega package of Rs23 billion by the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to address problems of its residents.

    Ejaz Khan, former Chairman International Relations Department, University  of Peshawar told APP that unnecessary protest demonstrations, violence and wheel jam strikes was no solution to the AJK’s problems such as subsidized flour and fair electricity and urged AAC to immediately sit togather with the AJK government to resolve all their problems peacefully.

    He said that unjustified protest demonstrations and violent skirmishes would serve no purpose but create anarchy and disrupt peace in the region.

    Dr Ejaz said democracy was a best system through which all issues could be addressed through constructive and meaningful dialogue. He said there was a democratic government in Azad Kashmir and a legislative assembly where any issue could be raised and solved.

    He said that animical forces was trying to destabilize the region in order to achieve their ulterior motives and halt development process in Azad Jummu and Kashmir, adding the brave and patriatic people of Azad Kashmir would thwart all negative designs through unity and supporting its elected government.

    Dr Ejaz said the AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwaarul Haq has already accepted all the genuine demands of AAC and now great responsibilities rest on the latter to call off strike.

    Former Environment Minister, Wajid Ali Khan has praised Prime Minister of Pakistan to approve immediate release of a huge amount of Rs23 billion for the solution of problems of AJK.

    He said that Pakistani government had significantly contributed in the development of Azad Kashmir since it was liberated 76 years ago and that was why majority of Kashmiris have kept distance from these rejected elements keeping in view Kashmiris long sacrfices for freedom from Indian yoke.

    Wajid Ali Khan said that today’s development in AJK has been mostly achieved due to continuous assistance of Pakistani government and the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif’s Rs23 billion gigantic development package was a clear testimony of it.

    As per the latest notification, the flour prices was brought down from Rs3,100 to Rs2,000 per 40 kilogram, Rs3 per unit to be charged for using 1-100 units of electricity power, Rs5 per unit for usage between 100-300 units and Rs 6 per unit for the 300-above slab.

    Similarly, the commercial rates of electricity have been fixed at Rs10 per unit for 1-300 unit slab and Rs15 per unit for 300 or above slab.

    Following a clear notification and fulfillment of all the major demands of AAC protestors, he said there was no justification left for agitation in some locations of Azad Kashmir now.

    He said throwing blood of innocent people and law enforcers in the name of subsidized wheat and fair electricity by the AAC protestors was great injustice to the peaceful citizens, poor transporters, labouers, farmers and families of the victims.

    The closures of roads have adversally affected farmers to shift their wheat stock to Govt procurement centers besides fruits and vegetables stocks by farmers.

    He commended the security forces and police for showing maximum restraint despite provocative statements of the so- called AAC activists and attacks on law enforcers at some pockets at Azad Kashmir.

    The experts expressed the hope that both the parties would show magnanimity and foresightedness by bringing normalcy to the troubled pockets soon.

    They said the huge relief package approved by the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif would significantly help in resolution of the key issues and provide relief to the people of Azad Kashmir.


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