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    Domestic Violence – By: Farheen Fatima

    Domestic Violence – By: Farheen Fatima


    Domestic violence is the term used for abuse against family members. Violence is mostly done by the superior or more powerful member against the weak one. Male, female, or children anyone can be the victim of this violence. It includes child abuse, beating partner, sibling violence, abusing mother or father, violence done against women by father, son, and in-laws.

    As a Muslim, all of us forgot the teachings of Islam regarding women. In the pre-Islamic days’ women were treated like animals and slaves. People used to beat them, even kill them. There was a view of male dominated society where males are superior and had power to control others. Still now in this century, these types of traditions and cultural norms create socially disturbed society where women push to the side by society. Moreover, from the beginning boy child was brought up by listening that he is brave, more powerful. On the other hand, girl children grow up to be obedient, more emotional, and flexible. At the end this discrimination results in huge destruction of social life of home and create un-pleasant atmosphere between family members. Eventually when children brought up by seeing their elders abusing or beating, they also develop aggressive and violent behavior with in themselves which effect on mental and physiological health of both child and the victim.

    These types of crimes are done under the home in private. Mostly domestic violence cases are un-reported thus this issue should consider more seriously because in case of public crimes, victim can discuss or complain to his or her family but if family is torturing or doing crime then it’s very difficult for victim to where to go for sharing such abuse. In addition to that, people mostly do not feel comfortable to talk about such issues with everyone and they hide their injuries. And these types of crimes occur at the same rate at all social levels whether rich or poor. This issue must be given key importance so that it can be resolved.

    A recent survey (2021) presents an alarming situation in our Capital city Islamabad. Cases of child abuse raised to the level of 1920, cases of child marriages and domestic violence are 1422 and 2556 cases of honor killing. This clearly shows the failure of the government.

    There are many reasons and causes of domestic violence and according to survey 2021, 15.79 public proclaim use of alcohol and drugs are the cause behind such crimes and 15.79 assert that domestic violence occurs because husband has minor conflict with his wife and if she does not accept his order than it results in beating, slapping and use of abusive language.

    Men are also victims of such abuse. Recently on December 13,2021 in Karachi, a woman dismembered her husband into pieces. So, this fact cannot be denied. Domestic violence occurs because of violent behavior as it happens in all middle, upper, or lower classes so the only reason is the naturally aggressive attitude and to control others according to your will.

    It is cleared that even in the capital many people experience domestic violence. Most people connect these types of issues to uneducated people, but it has no connection with social or educational status but with the mentality. People also said that they were abused by society. This shows that some so-called relatives and neighbors are also the cause of verbal abuse.

    Results are very clear that still in this century domestic violence is the major crime. Usually, cases are under-reported. This violence is done against the weak one such as females and children. Males are also affected but in a few cases. It also shows a male dominated society where they want to control everything. And emotional abuse is more common than physical abuse and it influences mental health which is not good for family and as well as for state.

    But in our society, most of the time the victim stays with the abuser because victims believe in the promises of the abuser and return to the same house. Sometimes, fear of their own security, financial insecurity, housing insecurity let the victim keep their mouth shut. Other reasons involve not wanting their partner to be arrested or the fear of losing custody of their children.

    But this must be stopped now. Victim should raise voice against it. This issue should be taken more seriously. As this is a sensitive issue that is why people do not want to discuss it. But to resolve this issue or to minimize it, this should be given importance and value as other crimes. media and government should discuss this issue. Family members should be supportive and stand with victim, give her proper medical care. Do not force victim to live with abuser.

    Moreover, there should be proper law implications and abuser must be given punishment according to rules. Police departments must be active to resolve and investigate these crimes. Furthermore, NGOs should try their best to empower females so that they can openly speak up and take stand for themselves. Proper education must be compulsory for all human beings.

    Child abuse must be stopped by government. There should be more rehabilitation centers and women refugees. More work opportunity for women must be provided so that they can support their partner financially. In addition to this, males should also give proper guidance so that they can behave decently. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to tell someone If witnessing any violence. Take all violence and abuse seriously. Take a stand. Be an individual. Take back the power, put all your efforts, create awareness among the masses and make an end to this issue because only government cannot alone eradicate the evil from society, we ourselves too have to play a part in removing the evils from society.


    Farheen Fatima
    Student of BS Political Science                                                                                International Islamic University


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