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    Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all, Message on World Tourism Day

    Chitral Times Report



    ISLAMABAD: Tourism Sector plays a pivotal role in socio-economic growth. It also provides an impetus for employment opportunities and promotion of entrepreneurial activities, globally. Tourism experience provides synergies between communities having diverse cultural backgrounds. It also enables people to adapt themselves to the cutting-edge traveling facilities of modern days. Pakistan has immense potential in tourism sector. It generates economic activities, brings in valuable foreign exchange and generate investors’ interest in the tourism sector by attracting myriad foreign tourists. Influx of visitors is also correlated to law and order situation. Alhamdulillah with the collaborated efforts of the present government and our law enforcing agencies, law and order situation in the country has remarkably improved. This has resulted in a considerable increase in number of foreign tourists in Pakistan. The present government is giving due priority to the tourism sector. Government is devoted to introduce policies, infrastructure development, institutional empowerment and improvement in service delivery for attracting tourists. Celebrating this year’s World Tourism Day under the thethe “Tourism and Jobs: A better Future for All” I invite the investors to get benefit from the business opportunities available in the tourism sector of Pakistan and contribute to tourism, which will ultimately result in creating jobs for the youth and alleviating poverty. This will ultimately improve living standards of the masses by enhancing business activities and infrastructure development Pakistan is a tourist attraction destination and I assure you that we will make all-out efforts to transform it into a heaven for tourists. Being the Prime Minister of Pakistan, which is an active member of United Nation’s World Tourism Organization, I would like to congratulate the entire traveler community of Pakistan on the auspicious occasion of World Tourism Day, 2019.


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