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    To prevent thalassemia in the r egion, family blood screening started by Hamza Foundation Welfare Hospital

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    Peshawar:To prevent thalassemia in the region, family blood screening started by Hamza Foundation Welfare Hospital Peshawar, a test done in early pregnancy to detect inherited abnormalities in unborn offspring,which is first of its kind in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


    So far 284 pregnant women from thalassemia affected families went through chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test, which is a form of parental diagnosis to determine genetic disorder in unborn child. 72 pregnancies were aborted after these unborn were diagnosed tothalassemiamajor and these abortions were done in the light of Fatwa issued by Maulana Mufti TaqiUsmani and after giving awareness to the concerned parents, whose other children are already suffering from blood disorder.


    The founder of HamzaFoundation, Ijaz Ali Khan and Medical Director Dr. Tariq Khan said that CVS test is being done with the support of hematologist Maj Gen ® Suhaib Ahmed. We will do the screening of 1126 affected families, whose children are registered with us, they said.


    Ijaz Khan said due tothalassemia, not only the patients and their parents suffer the most, but they are also considered a burden on the society. When one carrier marries another; they could have a chance of having an offspring with thalassemia major therefore prenatal diagnosis of thalassemia affected families is very important to control the disease in Pakistan in general and KP in particular. This will help save the new generation from the disease.


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