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    SLF launches a cleanliness campaign at the World Highest Pologround Shandur during the festival

    Chitral Times Report



    CHITRAL: Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) is enthusiastically working to protect and promote the snow leopard and other sympatric carnivores along with their fragile habitat in Pakistan for last decade. In order to sensitize the community through awareness, a cleanliness campaign was launched with theme‘Awareness Raising and Solid Waste Management’ at the auspicious event of Shandur Festival held between 7th to 9th July 2019. During this eve, temporary tent village is set out and there are no proper waste disposal mechanism and most of the trash is thrown away in the vicinity of the makeshift camps, which ends up spreading into the open pastures, streams and lake. This practice has severe repercussions to environment and has direct effect on pristine wild flora and fauna of this plateau. SLF team led by Chief of Logistics and HR (Col Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, Retd), Regional Program Manager (Shafiq Ullah Khan), Social Organizer (Jami Ullah) and Field Assistant (Siraj Khan) set out from Chitral to Shandurto finalize proposed activities of the campaign with local communities of Sorlaspur and Baleem.

    In a press release issued by SLF Chitral official has said that during the festival, volunteers and SLF team, dressed in facial masks and gloves with plastic bags in hands, held an awareness-raising walk to highlight the importance of hygiene environment in the camping area. The SLF team addressed the participants of the festival in various languages including Urdu, Khowar and Pashto to make them understand the significance of keeping the environment clean and green.



    During the awareness campaign multimedia presentation was presented to the local and national tourists highlighting importance of clean environment, followed by a documentary of SLF about overall conservation activities. Audience took keen interest in both activities. At the closing of the festival, Inspector General Frontier Corps North, Major General Rahat Naseem Ahmed Khan was conferred upon with a souvenir photo frame of the Snow Leopard. After the Shandur festival local community of Sor Laspur and Baleem took part in the shandur solid waste management campaign with the financial support of Snow leopard Foundation.


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