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    Polio campaign continue in snow-bound area of Chitral with chilly weather

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The polio workers were found to braving the chilly weather in some of the snow-bound areas of both lower and upper parts of Chitral in carrying out the national immunization days (NIDs).

    All the three Kalash valleys Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur in Ayun union council, Golen and Phasti village of Kosh union council, Madak Lusht of Sheshi Koh union council, Nogram, Authool, Saht in Mulkhow union council and Nishko Madak in Terich union council are the snow bound areas where NIDs are in progress.

    The district coordinator of EPI, Dr. Fayaz Rumi told Chitral Times that despite the extreme weather conditions, the anti-polio campaign was had gained momentum while no refusal case had so far been reported from any part as the local communities were fully cooperating in the process.

    He said that the campaign had been deferred in five union councils which had received heavy snowfall ranging from three to four feet which included Shagram, Khot, Yarkhoon, Shoghor and Garam Chashma.


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