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    My Dear Father (Mir Aman ud Din) …………..Mir Seema Aman

    It’s nor an article neither any Biography or an Eulogy, it’s just a daughter’s feeling about her Beloved Father well I’m talking about  my father who was, undoubtedly, the best person I ever had in my life. He was born in Goldur Chitral on 25 august 1932. He started his early education at the state high school Chitral where he was the part of the first matriculation batch passing out from the school and the district. After finishing his early education, he went to Islamia college Peshawar and completed his intermediate there and started job in Forestry, Environment and wildlife department .He took retirement after 28years as a range officer. There is nothing else in my father’s career that I would show you as a pride of Chitral but I can say that he was so honest, faithful and responsible in his professional life. Even in this article I will not give you any reference of his forefather because his identity does not need any reference and he also never used their reference instead he was known by his own generous sympathetic and honest personality. George Herbert said “One father is more than one hundred schoolmasters”. A school master teaches us how to live but a father does not teaches us but he live and let us watch how to live. My father always ignored his necessities to bring an impeccable life to us. He loved his every child even every relative without any expectations. He was the only man in my whole life who always gave respect and love to everyone without any greed. He tried to improve every life he touched. The best quality of my father was that he did not show off in any kind of matter. Of all the people I have known of all the people whom I have grown there was only one person unique from the rest and he was my father. He was my light who showed me the path that was right. He was honest loving caring and the most kindhearted man. He was the only reason why i am so strong. Every second of my life that I had spent with my father make me feel that there was no another like him. He always thought positive while living in the most negative peoples. He was the only one who forgave our every mistake and who loved us without any expectation. He was so special for me. We were really lucky to have him in our lives. Finally he left us alone in this cruel and selfish world on 29th January 2020. For me it was the darkest day of my life. Oh my dear father! Its been slightly more than 30 days since I last saw him, spoke to him, touched his hand and hugged him or just sat in his presence. I miss the sound of his voice how he ‘d call me Seema . I miss his words of wisdom. I really miss the sound of his laughter but reality is stone cold. He is not here anymore and I don’t get to do anything exciting for him. Not just on Father’s day but on his birthday and every other day of the year. I will always remember him in every moment of my life till we meet again in heaven. I will pray for him though That’s the only thing I can . Nobody knows the policy of ALLAH in taking away father’s care well. May his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace of Jannah…Ameen


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