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    Masood Khan lauds Mayor Albuquerque for swift response in murder case of Pakistani descent Muhammad Afzal Hussein Seeks sister city relationship with Albuquerque

    Masood Khan lauds Mayor Albuquerque for swift response in murder case of Pakistani descent Muhammad Afzal Hussein Seeks sister city relationship with Albuquerque

    Chitral Times Report

    ISLAMABAD: “The swift action taken into the murder case of Pakistani descent Muhammad Afzal Hussein reflected your respect for diversity and integrating minorities into the mainstream here,” said Ambassador Masood Khan. “Your unwavering support, the message by the President of the United States and the diligence shown by Albuquerque administration helped restoring the confidence of Pakistani community,” he said. Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks during his meeting with Tim Keller, Mayor Albuquerque during his visit to New Mexico, the first ever visit by any ambassador from Pakistan.

    Welcoming the Ambassador to Albuquerque, Mayor Keller said the killings were tragic and such violent actions had no place in Albuquerque. He appreciated the contributions of Pakistani-diaspora and termed them as an integral component of New Mexico’s diverse society. The Police Chief of Albuquerque Homicide Department, present during the meeting, added that swift apprehension of the culprit was the result of joint efforts of the police and community.

    Discussing trade ties and people-to-people relations, Masood Khan said that taking Pak-US relationship to the level of the states would have a multiplier effect on taking the existing relationship to new heights. “Pakistan and the United States have strong ties at the federal level but it is equally important to have relationship with states and the people.” He said that Punjab-California and Sindh-Georgia sister-province relations and Karachi-Houston sister cities agreement could serve as a blueprint for working out similar relationship with New Mexico or Albuquerque, the largest city of the state, for strengthening economic ties and promoting people-to-people contacts. “We must develop relations between New Mexico and Pakistan in one form or the other,” he stressed.

    During the meeting, the Ambassador said that the two sides could also explore untapped potential of cooperation in mining, agriculture, telemedicine, pharmaceuticals and other important sectors that was a priority for Pakistan. Referring to the existing trade volume between New Mexico and Pakistan which currently stood at nearly $4 million, Masood Khan termed it far below the actual potential.

    The Ambassador also highlighted that Pakistan and United States were working closely in various areas including climate change, renewable energy, oil and gas, minerals, trade and investment and promoting people of people exchanges. He mentioned that bilateral collaboration in extractive industry and mountaineering could catalyze symbiotic relationship between Pakistan and New Mexico. He also appreciated US administration, State Department and other authorities for their commitment to work with Pakistan in critically important areas of mutual benefit. Masood Khan also invited Mayor Keller to visit Pakistan at his earliest convenience. He expressed the hope that visit would help translating vision of enhanced ties with Albuquerque into reality.


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