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    Life is a Gift……….Mujtaba Ahmad


    Whenever we ask someone about how life is going? They always answer in a way that one may feel that there is something missing in their lives and they are not happy. But the question still remains whyyy? Whenever we say that we are unhappy, at the very same instant we also refute all the blessings of Allah bestowed upon us. By saying that dont we forget that we are still alive to be asked that question, where lots of people everyday lose their lives in the arms of terror and cruelty, isn’t it enough that we are living an independent life where we have the greatest liberty of independence. Why we forget that how hard and difficult the situation may be is ought to pass one day and there may be millions of people who desire for living the way we live and desire for the liberties we have. Every bad time has to pass and also good times are not forever which means that Life asks us to be ready for every situation without making lame excuses. That’s why we must always be thankful for what we have in our lives and be patient for what we desire, because maybe it will take time but one day may be all our wishes will come true. And in the process we must oblige all that has been given to us by Allah and be patient, indeed good things come to those who are patient. Unless we are happy with what we have, we can’t live a happy life, desires are never ending and life is limited, so celebrate what we have and don’t get upset for what is even not there.


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