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    Killing a young Boy …………… Adnan Zain


    It is heart wrenching to hear about loss of another young life. A young boy was brutally murdered at the doorstep of his own house in upper Chitral. We have never heard of such kind of barbarism in our area in the past 50 years as Morder is a place full of educated and peace-loving people. The people of Morder have played an important role in the development of Chitral and it is a place which is considered to be the abode of very civilized people.


    This heinous crime has filled the air with enormous fear as mothers and Children all are very scared. We will not get our son back, what we want from all the govt. agencies is to catch the culprits and give them such punishment that nobody else could dare to even think of harming people let alone killing one.


    This is a big question mark on the efficiency of the local law enforcement agencies as well. How on earth the criminals got that much courage that they could come to a village, knock at someone’s door and shoot at will once the door is opened? What kind of lawlessness is this? Where is the fear of Police? Punishment? Who are the custodians of protecting the lives of the locals? Should people raise the boundary walls 20 feet higher, make bunkers on four corners, and carry automatic guns to protect themselves  like other cultures of KPK?


    Also, as the residents of the area we have the right to know who did this and why? The culprits shall be punished so that an example can be set. It is therefore my request to the DPO Upper Chitral to personally monitor the case and catch the criminal. It is a request to the DC Upper Chitral to look into the matter. I am also requesting the honorable CM KPK to take a personal interest in this case and direct the authorities to solve the case in minimum time. It is my request to the PM to direct the relevant authorities to put in place such checks and balances which will help filter the criminal elements from the general public. The Govt. should also take steps to restore the confidence of the people by reassuring them through actions not by words that their lives are safe. Criminals get encouraged when their fellow criminals roam around freely; if a few of them are properly punished; these kinds of heinous crimes will stop automatically.


    Adnan Zain


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