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    IPO, PITB join hands for automation, digitalization of IPO-Pakistan

    IPO, PITB join hands for automation, digitalization of IPO-Pakistan

    Chitral Time Report

    ISLAMABAD: The Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) on Tuesday joined hands and signed a agreement for the digitalization and automation of IPO- Pakistan. The Memorandum of Understanding signed by Director General, IPO Ms. Shazia Adnan and Director General, PITB Saima R. Shaikh for automation and digitalization IPO to facilitate the common masses and business in the country. On this occasion, Chairman IPO, Ambassador Farukh Amil said that the visibility on indifferent platforms and public awareness are the major priority of IPO at this time, which will make it accessible to the business classes and especially the youth.

    Chairman IPO said that at present “we are working on digitalization of IPO with the support of PITB, which is an important tool for modernizing institutions in the modern world, which provides facilities to the public and business classes. He said that a large part of the population of Pakistan consists of youth and the youth are currently mostly connected to IT and social media, after this facility they will be able to make online complaints or other facilities in IPO. Farukh said that IPO is currently making the youth aware of IPO in universities and educational institutions, which will increase the trend of financial education among them.

    He said that after automation in the IPO, there will be transparency and simplification of processes in the institution. On this occasion, Director General, IPO, Shazia Adnan said that after this agreement with PITB, online payments and another documentation process will be made easy in the next two months and this will also promote Ease of Doing Business (EODB) in IPO. She said that with this agreement, you can do documentation or payment processes through 27 different channels including online banking, and APPs, which will provide convenience to people. Director General IPO said that work on this process started last October 2023 and now 17 forms can be submitted through the online system.

    She said that now people will not need to come to the IPO office for the process, the process has been simplified through 33 different modules. Shazia said that now “we are strengthening the digitalization regime in the IPO so that the trend of Ease of Doing Business increases in the organization and facilities become available. She said the primary objective of this MOU is to provide the basis for the IPO-PAKISTAN to digitize its collection and payment system by implementing an alternate method of payments. She said that a technology-based solution has to be devised that will provide an easy mode of collection for IPO-PAKISTAN using digital mediums such as mobile applications and web portals.

    This will also help IPO-PAKISTAN to integrate with all banking channels to monitor financial transactions related to multiple modes of collections which may result in increasing the revenue for the government and streaming the financial operations, She said. Meanwhile, DG, PITB Saima R Sheikh said that PITB is currently providing institutional support for digitization of IPO, which will simplify the process of IPO and make it easier for people. She said that the ease of doing business in an IPO will be improved by the online process and the efficiency of the organization will increase. Saima said that facilities will be made available to the people through online systems such as baking and APPs.

    Director General, PITB said that after this online system comes, the services and delivery system will be better and the working of the organization will be better. Regarding the scope of the Project, She said that the scope comprises the automation and digitization of payment collection of IPO-PAKISTAN via all Alternative Delivery Channels (ADC) in an efficient manner. She said that PITB will provide a web-based software solution named PayZen to digitize the payments against all collections and payments of IPO-PAKISTAN by integrating their line of business application. In the future once digital challans will be issued by IPO-PAKISTAN, PSID will appear on those digital challans, she added.


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