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    Grievances of prospective miners and the people of Chitral…..Liaqat Ali

    Honorable Minister, Mines& Mineral Department, 

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,




     Respected Sir, 

    We the peace loving people of distant and remote Chitral with due respect submit the following lines for your kind consideration that we see are not just to the people of Chitral:-


    1. In all the districts of KP except Chitral, mining of local mines & minerals have been kept open for local miners, which is no doubt a vice step of the present government. This would definitely give quite an increasing amount and source of income and employment to local people.


    We the people of Chitral regret to say that we have been deprived of this permanent source of income and employment keeping Chitral district aside for block system/auction. Block system would deprive us of benefits of mining locally and also create problems for the people of Chitral and the local government just because we the people of Chitral have inherited ownerships of large grazing areas, forest, river beds and that of mountains and have been & are getting benefits in different forms. Hence keeping Chitral mines & minerals on block system for auction would not be a practical and successful practice of the Department in Chitral.


    1. A large number of applications of the potential people of Chitral for grant of prospecting license are kept pending on the table of officials of Mineral Department since last more than 7 years. There are quite a large number of financially strong applicants for development of mining sectors and for making it profitable for themselves, for Chitral and also for our province. We can make this sector a strong beneficial source of income for ourselves and for the people of Chitral.

    We the people of Chitral humbly request your kind office to please review and direct officials to:-

    1. Process the applications of local miners for grant of prospecting license in Chitral.
    2. Undo block system and stop auctioning and order Keep Chitral Mines & Minerals open for locals.


    Yours faithfully,

    People of Chitral through:


    Abdul Muzafar Khan.             Liaquat Khan                      SardarWali                          Muhammad Rafi


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