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    Global efforts recovering ozone hole to maximum extent – Romina

    Global efforts recovering ozone hole to maximum extent – Romina

    Chitral Times Report

    ISLAMABAD: PM’s Coordinator on climate change & environmental coordination Romina Khurshid Alam stated that ministry of climate change was focusing on critical aspect of protection of ozone layer. Unfortunately, human activities have led to the depletion of the ozone layer, resulting in the formation of the ozone hole. This depletion posed severe risks. However, it is encouraging that under the umbrella of United Nations Vienna Convention and its Montreal Protocol, global efforts were able to recover the ozone hole to a maximum extent. She was addressing National Ozone unit of ministry of climate change on occasion of training program for customs & enforcement officers on Montreal Protocol & HCFC control today.

    While highlighting the importance of ozone layer she said, The ozone layer is vital for life on Earth. And we know that it shields us from the sun’s harmful radiation, preventing severe health issues such as skin cancer and cataracts and protecting ecosystems and wildlife. While apprising the implementation status on UN conventions by Pakistan she stated, Pakistan has played its role as an important party to these UN agreements. Pakistan ratified the Montreal Protocol in 1992, marking our commitment to phasing out ozone-depleting substances (ODS). Since then, Pakistan has made significant progress in this area. To steer this process, Government of Pakistan established a dedicated National Ozone Unit (NOU) in 1996.

    This Unit through its collaborative efforts with Pakistan Customs, the Refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the Ministry of Commerce, technicians and engineers, importers, and traders has successfully completed ten phases of the Montreal Protocol. She further added, Pakistan phased out the first generation of Ozone Depleting Substances by 2009, and achieved a 50% reduction in HCFC by January 2020. We are successfully moving towards the 67.5% reduction target by 2025. Our achievements include converting numerous industries to ozone-friendly technologies. We are on track to meet future targets, demonstrating our collective resolve. Highlighting the role of customs officers she said, Customs officers play a crucial role in the management of ozone-depleting substances by ensuring the strict enforcement of regulations and preventing illegal imports.

    Their vigilance and expertise are essential in implementing measures to protect and regenerate the ozone layer, safeguarding both the environment and public health.This training is crucial as the role of customs and enforcement officers is essential in monitoring and preventing the illegal trade of ODS. Their efforts ensure, our borders and markets remain free from substances that harm the ozone layer. Overall, through training more than 2,500 technicians and over 300 customs officers, the NOU has significantly enhanced our national capacity to handle and regulate ODS effectively. Reiterating her commitment she stated, Our journey does not end here. We remain resolute in our commitment to environmental protection. We are now preparing for the upcoming HFC phase-down under the Kigali Amendment.

    Highlighting the climate actions of the ministry she said, the Ministry’s National Ozone Unit, in collaboration with Hima-Vertay and Clasp, developed the Pakistan Cooling Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions associated with cooling products. She highlighted, Holding this training in connection with World Environment Day 2024 is a testament to our resolve for environmental protection in the true and practical sense. It is a joint effort, reflecting our dedication to the principles of the Montreal Protocol. She concluded with emphasize that she would like to reiterate the resolve of the incumbent government, guided by the Prime Minister’s unwavering commitment to climate action. Our collective efforts in protecting the ozone layer reflect our dedication to environmental protection and sustainable development. Let us continue to work together, inspired by the theme of World Environment Day 2024, to safeguard our planet for future generations.


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