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    Free glucometer distributed among diabetic patients at Mercy Teaching Hospital

    Free glucometer distributed among diabetic patients at Mercy Teaching Hospital

    PESHAWAR (APP): In a concerted effort to enhance diabetes management, Mercy Teaching Hospital (MTH) in Peshawar organized the free distribution of glucometers among diabetic patients.

     The event, held on the hospital premises, witnessed the active participation of doctors, healthcare workers, and patients, marking a significant initiative during the diabetes awareness month as scheduled by the hospital’s Diabetes Unit.

    Prominent figures in the medical field, including Dr. Faheemullah, Dr. Umer Saeed, and Dr. Sajjad Malik, graced the occasion, placing emphasis on the critical importance of glucometers and their proper usage in effective diabetes management.

    The doctors highlighted the significance of regular blood glucose level checks, underscoring its role in avoiding health complications associated with irregular sugar levels and facilitating patients in maintaining comprehensive health records.

    During the event, Dr. Umar provided insights into the recommended blood glucose levels, explaining that normal readings should fall within the range of 80 to 130 during fasting and 80 to 180 after two hours of consuming a meal.

     Understanding these benchmarks, he stressed, is crucial for individuals managing diabetes to maintain optimal health and mitigate the risk of complications.

    Dr. Sajjad Malik addressed the audience, affirming that diabetes is a treatable and manageable disease. “With proper care, individuals living with diabetes can lead a normal life,” the expert asserted.

    He encouraged attendees to educate themselves about diabetes, be aware of associated risks, and actively manage their condition to ensure a healthy and fulfilling life.

    The glucometer distribution event served as a valuable initiative by Mercy Teaching Hospital to equip diabetic patients with essential tools for self-monitoring, empowering them in their journey towards optimal health. 

    The doctors’ insights and practical advice reinforced the hospital’s commitment to proactive healthcare and community well-being.

    As the event concluded, attendees left with not only glucometers but also a renewed understanding of diabetes management, emphasizing the hospital’s dedication to fostering a healthier community through education and accessible resources.


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