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    Five persons die in a gas cylinder blast in Ayun Chitral

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: The death toll rose to five of the gas cylinder blast in Muldeh village of Lower Chitral here on Thursday when mother and her son succumbed to their injuries in a burn and trauma unit of a Peshawar-based hospital.

    An official of Ayun police station told Chitral Times  that eight persons including two women, two men and four children of the joint family of Shakirullah and Manzoor Ahmed, two real brothers, had sustained grievous burn injuries when a gas cylinder exploded inside the kitchen.

    He said that all the eight injured had been rushed to a Peshawar hospital where Shakirullah, a minor son and daughter of his brother had died two days ago while the wife of Manzoor and her neonatal baby son, who was born after the burn incident, died on Thursday.

    He said that presently, Manzoor Ahmed and the wife of his brother Shakirullah are surviving in the Peshawar hospital struggling for life but with more than 70 percent burns.

    A neighor of the wretched family, Muhkamuddin said that three children including two minor sons and a minor daughter of Shakirullah escaped the incident as they had to a relative’s home at the time of incidence.

    Mr. Muhkam said that all the deceased persons had reportedly got more than 85 percent burns in their bodies and had a meager chance of survival.


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