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    Enough Fertilizer stock available for upcoming Rabi Crop

    Enough Fertilizer stock available for upcoming Rabi Crop

    Chitral Times Report

    ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Commerce, Industries & Production, Dr. Gohar Ejaz has categorically stated that there is no shortage of Fertilizer in the country for the upcoming Rabi crop. He expressed these views while presiding over a meeting of the Fertilizer Review Committee here in the Ministry of Industries & Productions. The meeting was attended by the Federal Secretary for Industries Mr Asad Rehman Gilani, prominent fertilizer manufacturers, and ministry officials. During the meeting, Dr. Gohar Ejaz announced that there is a substantial 3.3 million-ton stocks of fertilizer available for the upcoming ‘Rabi’ season.

    These stocks are expected to adequately meet the agricultural demands for the entire season, ensuring that farmers have the necessary resources to boost their yields. Furthermore, the minister assured that gas supply to the fertilizer industry would be maintained at full capacity, guaranteeing uninterrupted production. This commitment aims to support the agricultural sector by providing essential fertilizers on time. One of the key highlights of the meeting was Dr. Gohar Ejaz’s announcement that the government would make every effort to ensure that fertilizers are accessible to farmers at MRP. This initiative seeks to protect farmers from the burden of soaring fertilizer prices. In a stern warning, the minister emphasized that strict actions would be taken against any individuals or entities found selling fertilizer at exorbitant rates, ensuring that fair pricing prevails in the market.

    Dr. Gohar Ejaz concluded the meeting by affirming his commitment to addressing the issue of uninterrupted gas supply to the fertilizer industry in the upcoming cabinet meeting. This underscores the government’s dedication to supporting the agricultural sector and ensuring a successful ‘Rabi’ season for farmers across the nation. The decisions made during this meeting demonstrate the government’s proactive approach to ensure agricultural sustainability and safeguard the interests of farmers, while also promoting fair pricing in the fertilizer market.


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