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    Election 2024 brings boom to DJs, drumbeating business in KP

    Election 2024 brings boom to DJs, drumbeating business in KP

    PESHAWAR (APP): Besides tent and advertising business, Election 2024 has also brought boom to DJs and drumsbeating business mostly being used by the supporters of electoral candidates to attract voters quickly in cold weather conditions.

    Irshad Ali, a local DJ of Nowshera district told APP on Thursday that their business was shined due to election campaign by the electoral candidates and their supporters earning doubled compare to normal days.

    Receiving heavy orders from different politcal parties for mobilization of voters during election campaign and public meetings in Peshawar and Nowshera districts, he said that DJs and drumbeaters were overworked these days, receiving maximum capital owing to their hard professional work.

    He said the drumbeaters and DJs energized politcal workers in public meetings besides made weeding and other festivals more enchanting.

    Inspite of the mushroom growth of social media and information technology, the beatdrumers continued roaring business during election, marriages, birthday parties and other celebrated occasions in KP that produced legendary musicians and artists in the caliber of Khyal Muhammad, Rafiq Shinwari, Firdus Jamal, Qavi Khan  Javed Babar and Yousaf Khan (Dilip kumar).

    The drumbeaters and DJs gather at Hashtnagri, Green Shadi hall and Tehkal area from where they were being hired election and marriage functions.

    Drumbeater Zulfiqar Khan (45) also regularly come to Peshawar cantonment where he sit in at Fakhar Alam Road’s square before his services were hired for election rallies, marriages and other festivals earning maximum profits.

    “I had entered into drumbeat player profession after an illness of my father 20 years ago and come to Fakhar Alam Road’s green shadi hall square from Changarabad on every day with a hope to earn maximum these days due to election 2024 that brought boom to DJ and drumsbeating business, ” Zulfiqar, who clean his dhol with handkerchief told APP.

    He said that those DJs and drumbeaters who left their art due to price hike has again jumped in the field after witnessing a boom courtesy to election in Pakistan.

    “Two years ago, the price of a dhol was Rs24,000 along with beating plates that now jumped to Rs40,000,” he said, adding poor drummers economically suffers in case damage to their dhols,” he said.

    “Mostly during winter season, the dhol with a beating plate of skin gets dampened and affected in hot weather conditions,  incurring substantial financial losses to beat drummers,” he said, adding plastic beating plate imported from abroad works for longer peroid of time. 

    He said the drumbeaters were being prefered over DJs in local public meetings because it was cost efficient and required no electricity or expensive arrangments.

    Known as Ustad, Zulfiqar said, “I had sent two dhols for repair ahead of election results celebrations due to high profits and the third one inherited from my elder brother was being used in political rallies, marriages, birthday parties, mehndi, political gatherings and other joys occasions.

    “The earning of dhol player depend upon the financial position of the hired party. Some times, we earns Rs20,000 and some times pocket Rs50,000 per program these days,” he said, adding a pair of dhol player normally charges Rs10,000 from the clients per program depending on time.

    The traditional and non professional drum-beaters were also being hired by customers at Ghandhara and Hayatabad chowk for election and weeding festivals.

    The people paid thousands to these drummers inspite of the advance equipment to give traditional touch to their election and wedding ceremonies.

    He hoped that their business would further shine during last week of General Elections.

    “I came to green shadi hall chowk to hire a pair of dhol players for election rally that was cost efficient compare to DJs besides can easily be performed in indoor function and outdoor joyous activities” said former Nazim Bahadar Khan while talking to APP.

    He said two drumbeaters were hired for his Sunday election rally at his village for speedy gathering of people.

    Bahadar said these drummers added colour to election rallies and public meetings besides promote culture in society.


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