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    Drive against adulteration in food, milk planned: Secretary

    Drive against adulteration in food, milk planned: Secretary

    PESHAWAR (APP): The Food Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  has planned a comprehansive drive against adulteration in edible commodities especially in milk.

    Zariful Maani, Secretary Food said that a comprehensive drive was planned utilizing geo-tagging to ensure the quality of milk and other food items.

    After a series of consultative meetings involving stakeholders and officials, 

    Mr. Zarif-Ul-Maani, the Secretary of Food, has issued directives to prioritize food especially milk.

    The Secretary, along with the Director General and all officers, will actively engage in the field to ensure transparent quality checks. 

    Altaf Hussain, Director of Operations, along with mobile lab testing experts, provided a briefing to the Secretary and conducted real-time tests on milk and water, covering fresh milk (chemical and composition checks) and processed milk (composition check), as well as water tests. An overall briefing on the mobile test labortary was also conducted.

    The Secretary Food gave on-the-spot instructions to the mobile test laboratory, including displaying a standard chart showcasing the composition of milk, water, and other food items for public awareness, conducting daily visits to markets, and making efforts to halt adulteration while taking strict actions against violators.

    The Secretary emphasized the importance of not discriminating and maintaining a polite and professional demeanor during field activities to avoid discouraging businesses. 

    Additionally, he proposed introducing a “ranking” system where businessmen will be ranked based on quality, and those with a good image will be publicized to encourage clean business practices. 

    He sternly warned against any unwarranted victimization of vendors or businesses, stressing that prompt and strict actions will be taken against officials involved.


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