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    DRAP registered 5072 violations and seized 714 stocks of medicine throughout the country

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: National Task Force under DRAP registered 5072 violations of DRAP Act 2012 and Drug Act 1976 NTF seized 714 stocks of medicine throughout the country over various violations in last 3 months DRAP with provincial health departments took approval of 243 FIRs on sale of sub-standard, un-registered and overpriced medicine Spokesperson of DRAP told that National Task Force (NTF) under DRAP has carried out 3169 inspection since last three months. Various sites were inspected and a total of 5072 contraventions of DRAP Act 2012 and Drugs Act, 1976 were registered. NTF on spurious, substandard and overpriced medicine was constituted in October last year on the directions of SAPM Dr. Zafar Mirza. It comprised of Federal and Provincial drug inspectors who campaigned against spurious and falsified medicine throughout the country. During this comprehensive activity 243 permissions were granted to lodge FIRs against the culprits. Stocks of 714 medicines were seized for quality and safety concerns under DRAP Act 2012 and respective drug sale rules of the provinces. A total of 55 cases of sub-standard drugs, 237 cases of unregistered drugs and 18 cases of overpriced drug sale were registered in this short period of 3 months. It was a well-coordinated effort to curb the menace of un-registered, spurious and sub-standard medicine and clear the market from harmful and smuggled drugs. Dr. Zafar Mirza, SAPM showed satisfaction over the performance of NTF under DRAP and said that, “we are committed to provide quality and safe medicine to the people.” He made it clear that any element involved in the sale of overpriced and substandard medicine will be dealt according to law as protection of public health is our main objective here. Mr. Asim Rauf, Chief Executive Officer said that NTF as per its mandate has strived hard to provide quality medicine to general public diligently and took prompt actions against unregistered, adulterated and substandard therapeutic goods.


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