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    Debut speech of Mehtar-e-Chitral Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir on climate change wins applauses

    Debut speech of Mehtar-e-Chitral Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir on climate change wins applauses

    CHTIRAL: The debut speech of the member of provincial assembly from PK-2 Lower Chitral and Mehtar of Chitral, Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir has won a big applause and appreciation from the people of his constituency as the social media platforms are brimming with the remarks that he had rightly pinpointed the climate change as the biggest issue of Chitral.

     In his speech on the floor of the house, he had stated that Chitral was vulnerable to the hazards of climate change phenomenon which devastated its physical infrastructures, agricultural lands as well desertification of the pastures.

    He had urged upon the government to address the issue on urgent basis as the natural disasters induced by the climate change stopped the pace of development as the available funds every year are spent on the restoration of infrastructures of roads, bridges, irrigation and water supply scheme while people reduced to poverty after losing their lands to the floods.

    The local academicians, conservationists, activists of rural development and political workers of different shades of opinions have been found to admire the MPA who belonged to the ruling Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaaf (PTI).

    Shah Karez, the former regional program manager of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, said that his speech was really a ‘master piece’ in its nature and content as he had hit the nail on the head and proved his worth as the elected representative of Chitral.

    He said that given the peculiar geography of Chitral and its physical features, climate posed a formidable challenge to the area and its people that warranted concrete measures to be taken before it is too late and this was eloquently described by the local MPA.

    The chairman of Chitral Community Development Network, the umbrella organization of local support organizations, Abdul Ghafar Khan said that he felt proud of the MPA for his visionary speech on the floor of the house leading to the goal of sustainable development.

    Supporting the contents of the speech, he said that climate change was the root cause of exacerbating the poverty in Chitral in the aftermath of natural disasters that are repeated every summer.

    Shahzada Sirajul Mulk, founding chairman of Chitral Association for  Mountain Areas Tourism, praising  the contents of the speech said that the prevalence of the issue of climate change was a hard reality but never before the elected representatives had pointed it out in such a way.

    He said that the magnitude of devastations every summer is on increase rendering dozens of families homeless as well as depriving them of their agricultural land fruit orchards, pastures for grazing.

    Retired professor Hissamud Din said after teaching the subject of climate change in college for three decades, he knows how the region of Chitral was vulnerable to the multifarious natural hazards but the issue has not been given priority it deserved.

    He said that the MPA from Chitral had won the hearts of people by pointing out the issue for the first on the floor of the provincial assembly as hundred percent of them were the victim of climate change directly or indirectly or both. 


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