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    C&W and Energy and Power to ensure full compliance with sales tax on services

    C&W and Energy and Power to ensure full compliance with sales tax on services

    Chitral Times Report

    PESHAWAR: Secretaries of Communication and Works Department and Energy and Power Department announced to ensure strict compliance with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sales Tax on Services on Thursday.

    The announcements came during separate meetings of the Director General KPRA and her team with the officials of both departments. The meetings were held at the committee rooms of C&W and Energy and Power under the chairmanship of the departments’ respective secretaries.

    DG KPRA Miss Fouzia Iqbal gave detailed briefings about the KPRA and its mandate along with giving a short history of the sales tax on services in the province and explaining the agenda points at both the meetings.

    The DG Informed the Secretary C&W Mr. Idrees Khan Marwat and the officials of the department present in the meeting that the exemption to FATA and PATA in the government-funded ADP and PSDP Schemes seized to exist after July 2021, however, it is still given which is wrong and shall be stopped immediately. She informed the participants that due to misclassification of sales tax on goods and sales tax on services, the tax of KPRA is going to FBR that needs to be stopped. She added that there is no data sharing between KPRA and field formations of the C&W due to which there are compliance issues that need attention.

    Secretary C&W Idrees Khan said that tax is a collective responsibility and everyone has to play his/her part to ensure strict tax compliance for the development of the province. “Our little efforts can make a huge difference. We have to deduct proper taxes and make accurate declarations to stop our money from going to the federal government by mistake,” he said directing all the field formations and the officers present at the meeting to ensure tax compliance. It was agreed that KPRA will arrange a training workshop for the Executive Engineers and Account Officers on KPRA, Sales Tax on Services, and Withholding regulations after Eid.


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