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    Consultative workshop on the RFP package for Solar projects organized by AEDB

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: As part of the consultative process with relevant stakeholders on the RFP packages developed by AEDB, a consultative workshop was organized by AEDB at local Hotel, Islamabad for consultation with public and private sector stakeholders on the RFP Package for competitive bidding of solar power projects. The workshop was attended by a large number of solar power project LOI holders falling under category-III of the CCoE’s decision along with associated technology providers, technical & financial consultants, provincial energy departments, multilateral DFIs and relevant Federal Government agencies including CPPA, NTDC etc. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, CEO AEDB opened the workshop by welcoming all the participants. Secretary Power Division, Mr, Irfan Ali while delivering his remarks stated that the present Government has laid a lot of emphasis on generation of cheap electricity utilizing indigenous resources. The development of alternative and renewable energy based power projects is amongst the top priorities of the Government. This is evident from the fact that a new ARE Policy 2019 has been formulated by AEDB that targets a share of 20% of the installed capacity through ARE technologies by 2025 and 30% by 2030. The policy has recently been approved by the Federal Cabinet and now awaits the approval of CCI. Through active facilitation of AEDB, thirty eight (38) wind, solar and bagasse based power generation projects of more than 1900 MW capacity have been materialized so far that are supplying electricity to the national grid. The CCoE, in February 2019, had decided to allow the RE projects in the pipeline to proceed ahead with development of their respective projects by segregating them into three distinct categories based on the progress and status of the projects. The projects falling under category-I and category-II were allowed to be developed on their respective tariff determinations as made by NEPRA subject to fulfilment of certain conditions. While the projects falling under category-III were allowed to proceed ahead subject to becoming successful in a competitive bidding process specifically designed for them and based on the quantum identified by NTDC. In compliance of the CCoE’s decision, AEDB has been facilitating the RE projects under category-I &II for their development. As a result, twelve (12) wind power projects have recently achieved financial closing of their respective projects having a cumulative capacity of 610 MW and will be providing more than 2 billion units of electricity per annum. In order to carry out the competitive bidding for RE projects falling under category-III, that includes 31 wind projects of 2139 MW capacity and 65 solar power projects of 4134.5 MW capacity, AEDB developed RFP documents with the support of USAID SEP programme and based on inputs from relevant public sector stakeholders. In order to seek inputs and suggestions from all relevant stakeholders especially the LOI holders and associated technical / financial experts and lenders, AEDB planned to carry out consultative workshops on the draft PRF packages for wind and solar projects supported by GIZ. The consultative workshop for RFP documents for wind projects was held on 27th November, 2019. The purpose of the consultative workshops is to seek market response on the draft RFP documents for their finalization prior to approval from NEPRA and initialization of a successful competitive bidding process.


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