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    Chitral –  why Chitralis are looked down upon?……..Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig


    This short article is to draw the intention of the high ups of the KP government and the bureaucracy who use tactics to evade Chitrali applicants who travel from upper Chitral to Peshawar- a distance of more than 500 km on highly risky and rough roads for a piece of work. I have myself and so many of my fellow Chitralis  have suffered this rough treatment. We are hated by ordinary Pathans because we cannot speak Pushto fluently. It is our fault that Pushto is not spoken in Chitral because we have got our own-Khowar language and that is  dear to us-even to non Khowar speakers.



    • Do Pathans hate us because we have come here to snatch jobs from them?
    • Do they treat us roughly because we don Chitrali dress?
    • Do they abhore on the ground that we seek unskilled jobs in their areas?
    • Do they treat Chitralis and their local issues with hate because they consider Chitralis as a burden on their Budget?
    • Do they think we are not one of their ethnic group and have a separate culture and identity?
    • Do they hate the idea that we live on the border and high altitude parts of the province and for that reason have no rights?
    • We find very rough things going on around us in many parts of the province and cannot participate in brawls that is common in the culture of the majority.
    • Do they think that they can exploit us because Chitralis are less in number and few representation in the elected bodies?
    • Last year PDMA officials rejected our application for allocation of funds for the construction of a PROTECTION WALL to save the building of Government High School Zondrangram and gave a written reply assigning an outlandish plea that PDMA  has no fund for rehabilitation works ( in Chitral ) otherwise they would have given positive reply had it been an issue of Dir or Swat or Mardan, but as far as Chitral is concerned it  does not qualify  for Chitral has no value. I have got much more bitter incidences of Chitrali – Pathan aspect of co existence.
    • My trust in a fair play by the majority towards Chitral is crashed and blasted.




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