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    Chitral Scouts team beat Chitral Levies by 7 goals in the final polo match of District Cup polo tournament

    By Zahiruddin


    CHITRAL: The Chitral Scouts team won the district cup polo tournament for the second time consecutively here on Wednesday by thrashing the Chitral Levies by 7 goals in the final match.

    Chitral Scouts’s Zia scored a goal within the first 30 seconds after commencement of the match who scored two more goals during the first half minutes and helped maintain the upper hand of the his team.

    By the end of first half, Chitral Scouts scored 5 goals while Chitral Levies could score only one goal.

    Chitral Scouts team consisted of Lt Col Khurram, Israr, Shah Jee, Hamza, Miraj and Zia while Chitral Levies was represented by Izhar Ali, Feroze, Irfna, Shah Wali, Abdus Salam and Aziz.

    As many as seventy one teams participated in the tournament from different parts of the two districts of Upper and Lower Chitral which was conducted on knock-out system and lasted for twelve days consecutively.

    District nazim Chitral Maghfirat Shah, commandant of Chitral Task Force colonel Moeenuddin and former test cricketer Yasir Shah gave away the trophy to the winner team and prizes to the best performing players.

    Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk, the president of district polo association said that the participation of a large number of teams in the event showed that the polo was gaining popularity once again and it was a good omen for the promotion of tourism.

    A large number of foreign tourists were also present in the pologround who evinced a great interest in the free style polo game.


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