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    Prof (R) Rehmat Karim Baig

    The writer is a Retired Professor of English literature, Authors of many books, interested in tourism specially adventure tourism, language and natural resources.

    The deserted valleys – Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

    The deserted valleys -   Chitral was once regarded a land of mountain communities who worked hard enough to live independently –without any kind of import of food  items and provision...

    Traffic police and dangerous drivers

    Traffic police and dangerous drivers There has been considerable improvement in the performance of police in KPK but all readers will not agree with this opinion. They say the same...

    Food Authority and influx of fake food items

      The over population of the country has given wide range of demand for food items which has created markets for fake food items. Not only food items but many...

    Chitral- roadways and inactivity of KP government

    Chitral- roadways Yesterday day I travelled from upper Chitral to lower Chitral and the taxi was negotiating the hairpin bends so slowly that we had to spend 4 instead of...

    Utility Store system- merits and demerits

      This system was introduced by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the early 70s and also included ‘ paki pakai Roti’ in the cities. The roti system was later abandoned but...

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