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    A deer caught in a headlight – By: Fariha Afsar

    A deer caught in a headlight – By: Fariha Afsar

    This is what I would call my situation a few days back. Those days, when I used to be an extreme introvert when I would believe that I hated socialization, when I would not go out of my shell, and this made me oblivious to know the general manner to greet and meet people.     

    So I went to this camp, among so many people from different backgrounds. We were there to learn, to lead, to explore and most importantly to appreciate nature. I got to see so many brilliant minds but to get to know them took me a while. My illusion and misconceptions about humans changed in the blink of an eye.

    I found humans to be the most beautiful creation; maybe those in the camp were among the best people. A comparison of social media meet- ups and real-life conversations were drawn where I realized that face-to-face conversations beat all the social media time-pass. Witnessing the enchanting scenery, filling the air with natural laughter, smile on every, calmness and inner peace was the most cherishing gift, this camp gave us.

    I was also intrigued by seeing the broad outlook of those who were present in this camp. Not at one point did I find that talking to the opposite gender was a kind of sin; which is the common belief of everyone in our area. We were one, without any discrimination of gender, colour, caste or religion. Respect was given to a person, to a human, not to his or her status or money. It moved me so much, that I longed for those manners and conduct for all of us.    

    By and all, one thing which I highly recommend for all is that most of the time our strength lies behind our fear, unless and until we don’t explore that fear, we won’t be able to know our strengths. Just give it a try, and I guarantee you won’t regret it.


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