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    Homeless People in Pakistan

    Homeless People in Pakistan

    Pakistan is located in South Asia and controls part of Kashmir. The nation was first founded in 1947 during the partition of India, leading to lasting tensions between the two countries. Due to an ethnic civil war in 1971, East Pakistan became the country of Bangladesh. Today, Pakistan is one of the most populated countries worldwide. It has a robust reputation, as well as cultural and religious history. The nation relies on many natural resources for economic growth. These include minerals and oils, as well as traditional textiles that are known worldwide. Even with natural resources, there is rising homelessness in the country.


    Researchers categorize 20 million people  as being homeless in Pakistan. Statistics show that 35% of the total population live under the poverty line, while many barely stay above the poverty line. … While living in temporary housing and slums, the homeless population is not receiving proper nutritious food.

    Homelessness is becoming the biggest problem of Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are such poor people who have no roofs over their heads. Because of homelessness, poor people are facing a lot of problems. According to an estimate, in Pakistan, 20 million homeless people are present who have no place for living. Pakistani poor people are very miserable and they are so poor that they can’t do anything for themselves. They are passing a tough life. Day by day the problems are increasing instead of decreasing. Reasons for living without walls include poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable materials and many more. Often poor’s have no meals. However, the PM has announced a package to help poors to be sheltered. Now we hope it must not be an unfulfilled promise like many other promises.


    “When life gets hard, try to remember: the life you complain about is only a dream to some people”


    “It takes a society to combat homelessness, and a strong nation to fight poverty – Wayne Chirisa”



    An old man shared  Heart-Wrenching story of his life because of homeless

    Old man shared his heart-wrenching story of an interview.

    An Old man shared his story and said “I’m 65 years old. My wife passed away, i have two daughters but both get married. I’m not homeless but my relatives made me homeless. After the death of my elder brother my sister-in-law took occupation over the house. And then she don’t allowed me ever  to stay  at home. Now I am living like homeless person.”


    Further he shared “My son-in-laws also don’t accept me. They knows I don’t have anyone except my daughters. Even  when I am sick, some strangers take me to the hospital. And when i feel some better i come myself, because i don’t have anyone for take care. It’s very hard for me to live alone in this old age. My son-in-law feels bad when I live with my daughter. And he starts fighting in  home. After these circumstances i came back from there and decided i would never go there it is not safe for my daughter’s married life.”

    “I  don’t have any place to stay in winter cold nights. I haven’t warm clothes to cover myself in cold. I have lack of food. I can’t earn because i have disability of backbone and my old age is also don’t allows me to work.”

    “Home is a notion that only nations of the homeless fully appreciate and only the uprooted comprehend.”

    After hearing the story of this old man i want to say, respect your elders, take care of them and don’t leave them alone in this difficult time period of life.

     Feelings and kind nature  represent  humanity. Kindly be humble with everyone and create a sense of kindness in yourself  for others.

    Humility is really important because it keeps you fresh and new.

    > Practical Ways You Can Help People Experiencing Homelessness

    Donate clothes, especially socks , volunteer your time,  Remember youth homelessness , show some respect , Advocate , seek out Job opportunities,  Get techy .

    Here is a beautiful message from a homeless person


    “We don’t need coins we need change”


    Ayesha Ghazal
    Islamic University Islamabad



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