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    67% families in earthquake hit Harnai paid out Ehsaas Emergency Cash

    67% families in earthquake hit Harnai paid out Ehsaas Emergency Cash

    Chitral Times Report

    ISLAMABAD: Ehsaas Emergency Cash (EEC) payments of Rs. 12,000 are underway to all families of earthquake hit Harnai as an immediate relief. So far, 10,271 families have collected EEC and disbursements are still ongoing. Overall, 15,398 families will benefit from the cash assistance of Ehsaas. District Harnai was badly affected by an earthquake on Oct 7, 2021 that hit different parts of Balochistan. On Prime Minister’s special instructions, Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar, SAPM visited Harnai instantly after the earthquake to review the initial extent of post-earthquake assistance needed from the federal government.

    Within two days, after the PMs’ approval on October 9, 2021, the federal government had announced a Ehsaas Emergency Cash package for all families of Harnai. According to official sources, to-date 67% of the total resident families in Harnai have received their EEC. “To delve into why 33% families in Harnai have still not collected their Ehsaas Emergency Cash, we conducted a midcourse review districtwide. Results of quick telephonic survey revealed that most of the people who had still not received their Ehsaas cash of Rs. 12000 were unaware about it. This is understandable given the dire earthquake situation. We are rapidly mobilizing all necessary information resources to reach out to remaining families”, said Dr. Sania while speaking to press media.

    “Each family of Harnai will receive Ehsaas Emergency Cash of Rs. 12,000. To reach out to the remaining families, we are also releasing an instructional video detailing people centered information on Ehsaas relief cash payment”, she further added. Dr. Sania also made an appeal to local media, district administration and residents of Harnai to create awareness about EEC. As indicated by the findings of quick survey, 52% of respondents in Tehsil Harnai, 18% in Sharag and 9% in Khost reported lack of information about EEC disbursements. However, 21% of respondents informed that they went to collect payment but were unbale to do so because of CNIC expiry, biometric failure and family registration missing in the database.

    All payments are being made based on valid CNICs. Those whose CNICs have expired should get their identity cards renewed, so that they can be paid Ehsaas cash. Also, families who are not registered in Ehsaas database should contact Ehsaas Registration Desks in Harnai established near Ghora Hospital at Quetta Road. Ensuring smooth disbursements, six special purpose payment centers have been set up across all three Tehsils of Harnai. Three payment centers are operational in Tehsil Harnai at Municipal Committee offices, Civil Hospital and Veterinary Hospital; two centers are operational at RHC Hospital and PMDC rest house in Tehsil Sharag; and one in Tehsil Khost at CD hospital.


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