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    Stop turning the knife

    Stop turning the knife

    Sometimes, it seems to me that we get degrees and give our 17 years just to suffer at the hands of these test agencies . Firstly, we have to pay huge amount of money to apply for the test. After waiting for many months , they issue roll numbers and all of a sudden, we come to know that the test centers are in Malakand and the students , hailing from a backwater, will have to go down district to attempt the test ,having 100 mcqs.

    This is totally injustice with the candidates of Chitral who mostly belong to middle class . We will have to travel and suffer again as we had already experienced during the test of assistant and computer operator in secretariat .. We are to pay 3000 for lower dir , after spending night there , again have to travel to Malakand. Chitral is the largest district in terms of area of KPK , for the convenience of their few invigilators , they are bent on victimising thousands of students..At this critical juncture, when inflation is mushrooming ,petrol and diesel prices have skyrocketed ,how a jobless person, having nothing in pocket, can bear the expenses of traveling ,hotels etc .

    Malakand university , situated at sequestered place not having any hotel near to it, is 230 km faraway from Chitral . We have to stay in lower Dir . From Lower dir to Malakand ,it takes minimum 2 hours. The test time mentioned on roll number of (School leaders) is 7:30 ,it means we will have to wake up at 5 am after covering the distance of 185 km from Chitral to Lower Dir. The question ,after being physically and mentally shattered and financially broken ,how a student can attempt the test immaculately? 

    Concerned departments , especially Deputy commissioner of Chitral and MNA , should take notice of this injustice. We are already going through a rough patch due to inflation and other things.


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